Salt Water Swimming Pools Tilbury

If you are considering the installation of a saltwater swimming pool in the Tilbury area, your search ends here!

We are proud to provide a range of fiberglass swimming pools that are salt water ready. Our expert sales team is ready to work with you, helping choose the ideal salt water fiberglass swimming pool for your backyard. Let us assist you through every step of the process from the sale of your salt water pool through to the installation, as we work hard to perfect the finishing touches so you can enjoy a beautifully landscaped salt water swimming pool.

Leisure Pools® – A Top Choice Fiberglass / Salt Water Swimming Pool Manufacturer

As a supplier of Leisure Pools®, we are proud to provide thorough and professional salt water fiberglass swimming pools in and around the Tilbury area. Customizable to you in a number of styles and sizes, our salt water ready fiberglass swimming pools make use of a salt chlorine generator, which turns salt into chlorine. This system is able to help you keep salt and chlorine costs down as the salt is used over and over again.

Modern Salt Water Swimming Pool Sales

When you are ready to ditch pushy swimming pool salesmen who only focus on the dollar figure, let our low pressure sales-team surprise you. Serving you in Tilbury, our sales team are experts and fully understand that your salt water swimming pool is an investment in your property and lifestyle, as it should provide years of enjoyment while protected with a lengthy warranty and requiring minimal maintenance. With a complete review of your outdoor space, our swimming pool sales department is able to assist in helping you find the ideal placement of your salt water pool, along with ensuring all landscaping hurdles and finishing details are taken care of as well, providing you with the high-end, luxurious look your backyard deserves.

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If you are in the Tilbury area or beyond, phone (519) 436.7020 today and get your installation started with our salt water swimming pool sales team.