Port Lambton Landscaping Services and Interlocking Pavers

Advantages of interlocking pavers

Thinking of redoing your driveway, and you’d like something other than asphalt? Or perhaps you’re adding a new patio in your backyard and you’d like to match the stones to your pool deck? Interlocking pavers are the perfect, all-around solution for all of your outdoor hardscaping plans. Aside from adding curb appeal and value to your property, interlocking pavers are durable, easy to repair and available in a variety of colours! For your Port Lambton landscaping services and needs, interlocking pavers are the perfect solution.

Repair and maintenance

The repair and maintenance of your Port Lambton landscaping services is a breeze when it comes to interlocking pavers. If one stone if damaged, just remove it and replace it with a new one. No need to invest in a brand new driveway or patio! Maintaining interlocking pavers is also easy: a good rain shower should take care of any dirt or debris. And because interlocking pavers are flexible and durable, they will withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of a traditional Canadian winter without cracking, shrinking of expanding.

Design and colours

The wide variety of designs and colours provides you with numerous colour combinations, patterns and stone finishes. This is especially helpful if you are installing interlocking pavers after finishing the rest of your Port Lambton landscaping services. Create a design for your walkway, driveway, patio or pool deck that will enhance the beauty of your property, not to mention increase the value of your home!

Functional – with style!

Interlocking pavers will not only complement the uniqueness of your home, they can also serve practical purposes:

  • Interlocking pavers will move with the ground, withstanding the freeze and thaw of the Ontario seasons.
  • The durability of interlocking pavers is second to none. This means you will never need to re-pave!
  • Interlocking pavers will help eliminate the need for complex drainage systems. Since the gaps between the pavers are filled with sand, excess water will drain down into the soil between each paver – no shifting, no cracking.

Get the most out of your Port Lambton landscaping services with a product that will last a lifetime! Call the experts at Rural Roots to see how interlocking pavers can work for you.