Pergolas And Your Ridgetown Ontario Landscape Design

What pergola is perfect for your property?

From the Latin word pergula, meaning a projecting eave, a pergola is a garden feature that creates a shaded walkway or sitting area. Constructed with vertical posts, pergolas can create a sense of whimsical romance in your garden and are great additions to any Ridgetown Ontario landscape design. What could a pergola add to your outdoor living space?

Transition between garden space and living space

A structural addition to your outdoor living space can help create a transition between garden spaces and living spaces. Often used over a veranda or patio, a pergola can change the entire look and feel of any Ridgetown Ontario landscape design by creating a transition from your home to the fresh air of your outdoor living area. Use a pergola to define your outdoor space, such as a sitting or barbeque area.

Grow your garden to the sky

Aside from creating space and shade in your yard, a pergola can be a creative way to expand your garden – without needing extra ground space! Climbing plants, also known as climbers, can add colour while providing extra shade underneath your pergola. Thinking of adding climbers to your pergola? Be sure to check that your pergola will be able to support the weight of the plants! A few great climbers for your pergola include:

  • Clematis: Easy to grow and relatively lightweight, clematis is a climber that will add colour to your outdoor living space, without all the weight. Clematis blooms in early spring, giving your yard a nice awakening of colour after a long winter.
  • Edibles: While the scent of flowers is nice, so is a nice and tasty green vegetable! Scarlet runner beans are quick growers with a bright burst of colourful flowers.

Complete your Ridgetown Ontario landscape design

By combining the quiet ambiance of a pergola with your other garden structures, such as a gazebo or veranda, you can create a beautiful outdoor living area! Imagine a pergola covered in vibrant flowers leading to your gazebo, or a pergola covered in lush, green vines lending shade to your patio. Pergolas can also be used as the main attraction of your Ridgetown Ontario landscape design!

The experts at Rural Roots can create beautiful, custom garden structures for you. Call us today to find out how to create your very own romantic, garden paradise.