Enrich Your Erieau Ontario Landscape Design

Tips to improve your outdoor living space

When warmer weather and greener grass appears, people head outdoors in droves! And while we may take special care to decorate and personalize the interiors of our homes, many homeowners neglect their outdoor spaces. Enrich your Erieau Ontario landscape design and enrich your outdoor living space with these tips…


Think of your outdoor living space as an extension of your home. Add furniture, plants and decorative accents like art that represent your personal style. Schedule a chat with Rural Roots’ in-house Accredited Landscape Designer to discuss your outdoor decorating vision. You should feel proud to entertain guests in your outdoor living space!

Cater to the senses

Adding elements like water features, lightly scented flowers and plants and visually-appealing garden structures like artistic statues all work together to create a multi-sensory outdoor experience. Sights, sounds and smells create an interactive outdoor space for you and your guests. How can your Erieau Ontario landscape design delight the senses?

  • Create a visually interesting garden by adding colours and shapes. Choose flowers and plants that bloom at different times throughout the year, to ensure there’s always a bit of colour in your garden. Try clipping or pruning plants and shrubs into eye-catching shapes.
  • Create aural ambiance with small touches, like wind chimes and moving water. Aside from creating a peaceful atmosphere, delicate background sounds can help disguise other nearby noise, like traffic.
  • Create pleasant aromas by adding subtle scents. While gardens are known for their flowery scents, you can add a new dimension to your aromatic experience with fresh herbs. Lemon thyme and mint will add beautiful aromas to your garden, but be sure to space your flowers and herbs appropriately so the scents aren’t overwhelming.

Enhance your existing Erieau Ontario landscape design

Adding an extra focal point to your existing outdoor living space can help breathe life into your property. Think about your needs: do you need an area for children to play? Or perhaps you would like to entertain guests? From something relatively small, like a statue or a fountain, to a larger feature like a gazebo or a hot tub, you can drastically change your outdoor living space.

Enriching your outdoor living space shouldn’t seem impossible. Call the experts at Rural Roots to see how we can help tailor your Erieau Ontario landscape design to your personal style and needs!