Landscape Design Series: Water Features

Benefits of a water feature on your property

Most people would agree that there’s nothing like the soft sounds of a babbling fountain, or the quiet splash of running water over a rock garden. Water features are a welcome addition to any yard and should be a key element in your landscape design.

Create a calm retreat

The sound of running water over a water feature, in addition to masking any distracting noises like traffic, can help create a soothing atmosphere for you and your family. Entertaining friends next to a waterfall or a beautifully decorated pond will no longer be a dream, but your very own little piece of paradise. Not only will your friends and family enjoy your new backyard retreat, but the local wildlife will be more likely to stop in.

Capture the senses

Not only will adding a water feature boost your property’s curb appeal, but it will also stimulate the senses. The steady flow of water adds motion, sound and visual beauty to your yard. It’s not just water running over rocks or coming out of a fountain; it’s a relaxing and comforting mini-vacation for your mind.

Make your landscape design a water oasis

Adding beauty – not to mention value – to your yard or garden can be as easy as contacting Rural Roots. Create a peaceful retreat by adding these elements to your Chatham-Kent landscape design:

  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Bubbling rocks and millstones

Add some feng shui

Water and wind are said to be two vital elements of feng shui – the ancient Chinese art of decorating in a way to create harmony and joy in your living space. Where better to introduce a little feng shui than in a place where water and wind come naturally? Imagine: a centerpiece fountain, a waterfall surrounding an exquisite statue, or perhaps a pond flanked by beautiful flowers. Whatever your dream, we can help turn your yard into an elegant work of art.

Regardless of your yard size or budget, Rural Roots can tailor a water feature that is sure to add value to your yard. Water features, such as the popular waterfall, can be easily scaled up or down to meet your landscaping needs. For your Chatham-Kent landscape design needs, call the experts at Rural Roots.